Special note:

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING STORY/POEM SUBMISSIONS between Feb 10- March 1st. Thank you to everyone who submitted in January. We have been delighted and overwhelmed by the outpouring of your beautiful work. Our staff has adjusted our production calendar to publish even more collections in 2019 to share your wonderful stories. We have closed our forms from Feb 10-March 1st to give our staff time to catch up on reading and placing the work. Our webiste will periodically be down for updates during this time. Thank you for your understanding. 

FREE SUBMISSION MONTH will be in July of this year (2019). During that month, all of our forms will be free. Submit early, they do fill up fast. 

We are a new literary journal, hungry for submissions from the community of authors, readers and "wrimos." If you have works of fiction 300-8000 words in length, or illustrations based on mythology, fairy tales, and lore, we want to know about your work.

*Submissions must 300-8000 words and be recognizably based on mythology, fairy tales, folklore or legends. If you have based your work on an obscure mythology, please include a paragraph explaining your inspiring story/culture/work.

 *Publication will have standardized font, please do not submit if your work requires a particular text style or color.

*You may attach up to three stories, 8000 words, cumulative, maximum. Please do not exceed three stories within these three files. File names must be the title of your story. 

*DO NOT name the file of your submission "Curating Alexandria" or "Mythology." Our computers have literally hundreds of files including these names and it's very hard to identify your work. Our preferred file name scheme is "TitleLastName." 

*If you'd like us to consider a serial publication, please send us one chapter of your work. Serials will be released as one chapter a week for the duration of your story. Please indicate if your story is already finished or if you'll be "writing as we go." 

*Please include a cover letter:  Please note if your work is simultaneously submitted or previously published. Include a short 3rd person bio. 

Thank you authors who have submitted and contributed to us so far! 

Upcoming Publications and Collections in Progress:

Poetry of the Gods. (Feb 10)- submission forms closed, email for special consideration

Gods Today and Alternative Worlds (Mar 23)

Pride in Mythology; LGBTQ edition. (June 1)

Classical Fan-Fiction of the Gods (Jun 21)

Autumn/Halloween Collection 1 (Sept 21)

Autumn/Halloween Collection 2 (Oct 5th)

All forms have a small $4.00 readers' fee. This helps us afford submission management software but we don't want it to get in the way of submissions. Please email us to make arrangements if you need to submit for free. 

We are seeking visual art to accompany and enhance a literary anthology. The collection is a set of fractured fairy tales, mythology fan fiction, and stories based on classical folk lore and legend. Any art work centered around these themes is accepted. 

Images will be rendered in black and white in our editions that include stories/poems. We are also developing an all-color collection for all accepted works that had to be run B+W in text collection. 

Accept/Decline decisions on art have about a 2 weeks turnaround. Please send a note to us if your work has been pending longer than 2 weeks. 

Curating Alexandria