We are an established literary journal, hungry for submissions from the community of authors, readers and "wrimos." If you have works of fiction 300-8000 words in length, or illustrations based on mythology, fairy tales, and lore, we want to know about your work.

*Submissions must 300-8000 words and be recognizably based on mythology, fairy tales, folklore or legends. If you have based your work on an obscure mythology, please include a paragraph explaining your inspiring story/culture/work.

 *Publication will have standardized font, please do not submit if your work requires a particular text style or color.

*You may attach up to three stories, 8000 words, cumulative, maximum. Please do not exceed three stories within these three files. File names must be the title of your story. 

*DO NOT name the file of your submission "Curating Alexandria" or "Mythology." Our computers have literally hundreds of files including these names and it's very hard to identify your work. Our preferred file name scheme is "[StoryName][AuthorName]" 

*If you'd like us to consider a serial publication, please send us one chapter of your work. Serials will be released as one chapter a week for the duration of your story. Please indicate if your story is already finished or if you'll be "writing as we go." 

*Please include a cover letter:  Please note if your work is simultaneously submitted or previously published. Include a short 3rd person bio. 

Thank you authors who have submitted and contributed to us so far! 

Update on production calendar:

04 March 2020

Dear Authors, Artists, Contributors and Friends of Curating Alexandria Literary Productions,

Curating Alexandria opened our doors just two years ago; we have enjoyed warm welcome in the writers’ community. Thank you for your support, generosity of spirit, and the work you’ve shared with us. This is a note to everyone who has submitted to us and has a work in progress, under review, or accepted. It is penned by Sabrina Bingham, the lead editor of Curating Alexandria. I have corresponded with many of you personally and have always been impressed with the kindness and professionalism of the writers who submit to Curating Alexandria: thank you. 

As our submitters and readers have noticed, production slowed, then stopped, last spring. While I was preparing for a surgery, I fully expected to be back and work and full production within six weeks. I did not- could not- anticipate the subsequent life changing infection I would contract during that surgery. 

Though I work with a fantastic team of readers, writers, and copy editors, Curating Alexandria was set adrift without someone crazy enough, obsessive and passionate enough, to bring all those elements together and turn talents into something we love: BOOKS. 

All accepted works of 2019 will be published by the end of 2020, if you still wish to publish with us. We understand if you need to or want to withdraw due to the long delays between submission and publication. 

As I heal, Curating Alexandria awakens. This spring we will publish a collection of short stories by a single author, a new endeavor for us. I'm greatly looking forward to introducing all of you to this talented author and sharing his beautiful work with the world.


·  All publication commitments will be honored.

·  All publication of accepted works will be complete by the December 15th, 2020

·  Authors ALWAYS retain rights to their works; you are welcome to submit to other publication outlets even after promise-to-publish with Curating Alexandria.

·  Our  internship applications open March 5th for student editorial readers.

We realize our production changes effect many individuals. I personally want you to make the best choices for YOU as an author. If you need to withdraw your work from our consideration, please do so via or your route of submission. As we are happy to publish previously published works, and allow authors to republish works we have run, there is very little risk letting us keep your work under consideration (unless you want it considered by an organization who does not allow simultaneous submissions). Please make the best choice for you and know that we celebrate your successes and sincerely want to see you find your best-fit for publication: even if it’s not with us. 

Thank you again dear writers and artists, it has been a true pleasure working with you and I look forward to many years of creating books together. 

Sabrina Bingham


Curating Alexandria Literary Productions


I am available via company email and personal email, For faster response, I will reply to text messages, phone number 317-874-7078. I will not handle business transactions via text (it’s not the way to withdraw, submit, check on submissions, etc) but if you have general questions or concerns about publishing, Curating Alexandria, editing, etc, I’m happy to talk to you. 

CALP has a social media account on Instagram @CuratingAlexandria- please follow us and we will follow back! We've discovered and published authors through social media connection!

I personally use Instagram and am happy to connect with authors and artist there @venuslizard

My personal account is, well, personal. I don’t post updates on Curating Alexandria there. 


Poets of Alexandria: this book is finished in ebook form and the print is still pending. 

Fox Fire Competition Collection: Winner selected and announced. Story selection complete. Publication promised by Dec 2020. 

Captured Within Waking Moments by Alan Allinger, publication set for March 2020.

Gods in Modern World/Alternate setting: this book is completed for story selection and in process for editing. Cover art undecided, seeking artist. Guaranteed publish by Dec 2020, projected publish by September 2020.

Classical Mythology fanfiction: story selection in process, 80% full. Cover art unarranged, seeking artist. Guaranteed publish by Dec 2020, projected publish by October 2020.

LGBTQ Pride and Mythology: story selection in process, 60% full. Cover art unarranged, seeking artist. Guaranteed publish by Dec 2020, projected publish by June 2020.

Halloween/Autumn Collection: story selection in process, 30% full. Still projected to publish by Oct 15th 2019. Promised by Oct 15th 2020.

Fairy Tales Collection: story selection in process, 10% full. Still projected to publish by Dec 15th, 2019. Promised no later than December 2020

All forms have a small $4.50 readers' fee. This helps us afford submission management software but we don't want it to get in the way of submissions. Please email us to make arrangements if you need to submit for free. 

We are looking for works of flash fiction, less than 500 words, to fill in at least one anthology based on myth/fairy tale. Publication will be no later than July 15th, 2020. 

Please submit up to three flash works, in the same document, for consideration.

Curating Alexandria