Ends on January 31, 2019

$4.00 USD

This form is for writers who promise to submit more of their work this year- submit to us or anyone else. By sending us a story or poem through this form, you've made a promise to yourself, dedicated yourself to your writing. It's on the honor system, your vow to you, your art and creativity. 

We publish works based on mythology, fairy tales, classical lore and legends. We have collections themed for Halloween, Fairy Tales, Gods in the Modern World, Mythology FanFiction, LGBTQ characters in myth and fairy tales, the folk tales of the Aurora Borealis, and more. Please make sure that the work you send us is related to our publication specificity.  See our website for more details on submission guidelines. 

Please include a third person bio, and use a standard font, double spaced text in your documnet. 

Curating Alexandria is challenging authors to get their stories out into the world and will be publishing a writer's challenge on our website. Submission through this form is not signing up for anything but we will send you ONE email in addition to the accept/reject email to let you know more about our author's challenge. 

Happy New Year!!!!